Multi-purpose T-shirt Towel (2 Pack) HealthPersonalCare: yoga poses
Multi-purpose T-shirt Towel (2 Pack)
Multi-purpose T-shirt Towel (2 Pack)WHAT YOU GET: Package includes 2 multi-purpose towels made of T-shirt material (100% cotton). Each towel is approximately 40″ long x 20″ wide.

HAIR DRYING: Our towels are great at preventing frizz because they have a flat surface, like a T-shirt. Traditional bath towels tend to have grooves that rough up the hair and cause frizz. But materials with flat surfaces, like our towels, allow hair to slide across the towel more smoothly and cause less disruption to the hair. This is especially important for people with curly hair who don’t want to disrupt their natural curl pattern. The flat surface of our towels also do a better job of absorbing excess water without taking all of the moisture from the hair. In contrast, traditional bath towels with grooves tend to over-dry and remove all water from the hair, which causes frizz. Using an actual T-shirt is not as convenient for hair drying because of it’s tubular shape and hanging sleeves– for a much better experience, try our towels that are made of T-shirt material.

EXERCISING: While working out, use the soft smooth surface of our towels to wipe away your sweat! The long length minimizes the chances of the towel falling off when draped around your neck while running, golfing, holding yoga poses or just walking outside on a hot summer day. Also, the size is large enough to use when doing stretches that involve laying down– you can protect your exposed skin by placing the towel over the floor or shared mats at the gym.

OTHER USES: Our towels are not bulky like traditional terry cloth towels. The light weight makes them great for busy parents to keep handy in the car, diaper bag or stroller for those “ut-oh” moments with the kids. Also, the soft, light fabric and convenient size makes it ideal to use in many ways, such as for travel, small pet care and so much more.

BUY NOW: Our package contains 2 towels at a great competitive price. Share one with a friend! Get yours today!

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