Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver (Blue) HealthPersonalCare: yoga poses
Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver (Blue)
Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver (Blue)It’s not uncommon for people to experience wrist problems and pain when doing weight bearing exercises from pushups or yoga poses such as Sun Salutations, planks, crane poses and others. This is generally caused because of the extreme range of extension required of the wrist to support the body in these poses. The Stick-e Wrist Saver is designed to elevate the heel of the hand to lessen the degree of extension providing more comfort and less strain. Despite the misnomer, the Wrist Saver is also a Knee Saver! The Stick-e Wrist Saver has been modified with a strap extender to facilitate behind the knee attachment creating the Stick-e Knee and Wrist Saver!

Company: Stick-e Brands (2011-10-01)
List Price: $22.99
Amazon Price: $22.99
Used Price: $18.68


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