Yoga In Color: A Yoga Anatomy Coloring Exploration Books: yoga methods
Yoga In Color: A Yoga Anatomy Coloring Exploration
Yoga In Color: A Yoga Anatomy Coloring ExplorationYoga In Color is a yoga anatomy coloring book that features coloring pages of yoga poses in muscular form, chakras, and commonly discussed muscles in yoga. All is drawn out and explained for you to unleash your coloring creativity on. The vision behind this book is to help people find peace within the knowledge of their bodies in a fun and interactive way. The yoga pose section explains actions of heart openers, balancing poses, and inversions. The chakra section includes all seven chakras, which are drawn out and explained. The muscles section takes a look at the actions and characteristics of muscles commonly talked about in the yoga world. If you would like to buy in bulk or from a different source, please contact me at I hope you will have as good of a time reading and coloring this book as I have had creating it. With light and love, -Katie @anatomicalyogini Namaste

Author: Katie Lynch
Company: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2016-04-15)
ISBN: 1530693756
List Price: $16.00
Amazon Price: $16.00
Used Price: $14.72


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